A Gist Of Different Types Of Blenders In The Market

Finding the best and the very latest model of any kitchen appliance is not a simple task. One can read through a review site to know the different pros and cons of a blender. But with the market inundated with technology that saw a sale of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, even reviews become insubstantial. For more Info on retail sales of kitchen appliances, go here. In this piece, the discussion will revolve around the different types of blenders that are out there. The goal is to give the reader a better understanding of the choices they face.

From personal units to countertop to hand-held, the options are endless when it comes to blenders. The first model we discuss is suitable for commercial kitchens. These are high-performance blenders called countertops. With a rise in healthy lifestyles that require smoothies, they have become popular as home blenders too. The motor of such mixers has a power of 1400 Watts, at least. They can blend anything ranging from fruits to nuts and grains. These blenders cost a pretty penny but come with pre-programmed features that work with a push of a button.

The next type of blender that is available in the market is called a personal model or a bullet gadget.. These models do not have much power behind them because they are meant to prepare single servings like a go-to cup. These are not too heavy on the pocket. If you live alone, then they can be considered as a good investment. In case you have a big family that thrives on shakes and smoothies, then bullet blenders are not for you.

The last model for countertop blenders in the market are the conventional ones. These blenders are the one we see in every other home. Most individuals must have purchased one of them at some point or the other. These come under the middle range of both power and cost, which can vary from a hundred to hundred and fifty dollars. They can blend ice and fruits very quickly and do not come with any pre-programmed features. A traditional example of a convention blender is KitchenAid.
These models were all countertop type. There is another category of blenders known as handheld models. These again come powered for commercial kitchens and home-friendly version. A handheld or stick blender is generally used to puree something. When you need to make a soup or a salad dressing, then these handheld blenders are the best option.

The type of blender you should buy depends upon your requirement and budget limit. Purchasing a handheld model is of no use if you don’t make soups in a cup or small amount salad dressing. The same applies to bullet blenders. Choosing a high-performance blender will be foolhardy if you rarely use a blender at home. A conventional countertop would be the best choice. Knowledge is power, read through different reviews of models before you buy any mixer. Be aware of the value it offers you. After all, buyer’s remorse is a genuine thing.


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