Safety Tips For Seniors Who Practice Swimming

Swimming is an excellent physical activity which helps older adults to remain active. It is a suitable exercise which helps in improving their blood circulation and improves their cardiovascular health. Swimming pool at senior citizen’s home ensures that they are fit and healthy. But the use of swimming pool can result in various hazards that are dangerous. To avoid accidents in swimming pool elderly people have to follow certain safety precautions when they swim. You can make use of Polaris 280 robotic pool cleaner for cleaning your swimming pools. For more info on the benefits of swimming for elders, you can read several articles from the Internet.
The article below lists some of the safety tips that would help elders to swim safely.

Swim With Company
It is always good for elders to swim in pairs so that they are in a company when they swim. Thus there are people to help them out inside the swimming pool when something adverse happens. You can request your caregiver or a friend to accompany you for swimming. They can help you out at times of dizziness, cramp and other health issues. They would play a significant role in bringing you out of the pool when you face the above-mentioned health issues.

Stop When You’re Tired
Elders when swimming should know their limits and stop it when they feel tired. You are not undergoing any training activity. So you must know when to come out of the pool based on your energy level and stamina. When you feel dizziness and out of breath, immediately leave the pool. This precautionary step is essential as this may lead to fatal accidents.

Be Alert
It is essential that you stay alert mentally when you swim. Make sure that you are wearing a waterproof for your medical alert pendant. This would be useful for alerting people around the pool when you’re not feeling good inside the pool. You can also provide a spare pendant to your companion when you both are inside the pool.

Take Time
It is good to take your own time when you get in and out of your pool. Being extra cautious when getting in and out of the pool can prevent you from getting slipped or getting hurt. You must be aware of your stamina and decide your dive when you enter your pool.

Wear Shoes
The pool surface is mostly slippery, and hence it is good for elders to wear shoes inside the pool. It helps to gain footing inside the pool. You can avoid the pain of your feet when the pool surface is rough. It is better to make use of water shoes which would provide the required traction and prevent pain.

Clean Up
There are possibilities of infections to be spread from the water use in swimming pools. Hygiene is important before and after you enter a pool for swimming. You must take a quick shower before you come into the pool so that you’re clean. After swimming makes sure to have a bath so that you can clean yourself and avoid infections.

The above are the safety precautions that every senior should follow while swimming.


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